Department of Radiology
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
75 Francis St.
Boston, MA 02115

Direction: We are located in ASB-I/L1-050, 75 Francis St, Boston, MA. Enter Brigham and Women’s Hospital from 75 Francis St lobby. Take M elevator to the L1 floor. The M elevators are located on your right after entering the lobby through a revolving door. After existing M elevator at the L1 floor, walk down the hallway to your right. SNR Lab and Dr. Hata’s office are on two doors down from the elevators. The door to the office and lab is marked as “L1-050 Surgical Planning Laboratory.”

BWH is a maze. And not all personnel at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are familiar with all department and office locations in the hospital. You need to find your way to our lab using the direction above. If you are not confident finding your way to our lab, please print and bring this Campus Map, and ask a receptionist to direct you to either Ultrasound or Nuclear Medicine indicated on the second page. A receptionist may not know our lab, but they know Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine which are in the vicinity of our lab (ASB-I/L1-050).

Parking. Please use 80 Francis Street ServiCenter Garage, diagonally across the street from 75 Francis St lobby, mentioned above.

Laboratory for Bio-Micro Devices a.k.a. “machining shop”. If you are asked to come to our machining shop directly, use the Campus Map and aim Room Laboratory for Bio-Micro Devices on Lower Pike which is one floor down from THE PIKE on the map.  The room is located between elevator C and B on Lower Pike. To get to Lower Pike from THE PIKE (or Upper Pike), you should take Elevator C to come down by one floor, turn left immediately after you get off the elevator, and get back on Lower Pike by turning right toward B elevator.  Our machine shop has sign that says “Laboratory for Bio-Micro Devices.”