Open Post-doc Positions

We have an open position for a post-doctoral fellow in Medical Robotics. Successful candidates have experience in research and publications in image-guided therapy and medical robotics, and strong desire to receive training at a translational research laboratory in a Harvard-teaching hospital. Our research emphasis is on clinical deployment of novel imaging, computing tools, and robots. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and years of training. Interested applicants to SNR laboratory shall email their resume to Dr. Nobuihko Hata.

Intenational Visiting Scholars (MD, PhD)

SNR welcomes foreign visitors to stay and participate in our research. In the past we have had students seeking Masters and/or PhD degrees and postdoctoral fellows with MD and/or PhD degrees work with us. The recommended duration of the stay varies depending on the nature of the projects being pursued and the background of the visitors; successful visitors stay more than one year.  A sucessfull applicants should be employed by the home instution and paid minimal of 56,000 dollars a year during their stay in Boston. Alternatively, a sucessfull caplicants will receive fellowship funding through Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF) and the JSPS Overseas Research Rellowship providing minimal of 56,000 dollars a year.  Poof employment or rerceipient of fellowship fund are mdantory to proceed with applicaiotn process at the laboratory. 

Student Interns

We are looking for student interns (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled in degree accrediting programs in Boston area for in-person attendance, and outside of Boston area for remote participation. Stipend support is provided as needed for students from Boston area. Preference is given to Graduate and Medical Students who stays in the lab in all fall/spring semester, or conduct research project as part of project in the school.