Video Library

Welcome to SNR Lab (Dr. Nobuhiko Hata)

Dr. Nobuhiko Hata briefly introduces SNR Lab, and the reason why he, as an engineering professor, chose to work in a Harvard teaching hospital, not a traditional engineering school.

Tour of SNR Lab (Dr. Nobuhiko Hata)

Dr. Nobuhiko Hata will present a walk-through video of the SNR Lab in Boston MA.

Interviewing Dr. Kobayashi

A visiting urologist from Japan will talk about his work on medical image processing.

Interviewing, Ms. Rebecca Lisk

A teaching assistant and pre-med student will talk about her work on medical robot.

Interviewing, Dr. Masa Naitoh

Visiting surgeon from Japan will discuss his collaboration with engineering college in the lab. 

Interviewing Mr. Franklin King

Research Engineer will introduce a prostate biopsy case he was involed, and talks a joy of working in a diverse setting.