The Sociology of Development Handbook

Hooks, Greg, Paul Almeida, David Brown, Samuel Cohn, Sara Curran, Rebecca Emigh, Ho-Fung Hung, Andrew Jorgenson, Richard Lachmann, Linda Lobao, and Valentine Moghadam, eds. 2016. The Sociology of Development Handbook. Berkeley: University of California Press.


The Sociology of Development Handbook gathers essays that reflect the range of debates in development sociology and in the interdisciplinary study and practice of development. The essays address the pressing intellectual challenges of today, including internal and international migration, transformation of political regimes, globalization, changes in household and family formations, gender dynamics, technological change, population and economic growth, environmental sustainability, peace and war, and the production and reproduction of social and economic inequality. Table of ContentsIntroduction: A Manifesto for the Sociology of Development - Samuel Cohn and Gregory HooksI. EXPLAINING DEVELOPMENT: SOCIOLOGICAL INSIGHTS1. Engendering Development: The Evolution of a Field of Research - Valentine M. Moghadam2. Population and Development - Laszlo J. Kulcsar3. Strengthening the Ties between Environmental Sociology and Sociology of Development - Jennifer E. Givens, Brett Clark, and Andrew K. Jorgenson4. The Sources of Socioeconomic Development - Adam SzirmaiII. HUMAN CAPABILITIES: INSTITUTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT5. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Global North and Global South - Jeffrey T. Jackson, Kirsten Dellinger, Kathryn McKee, and Annette Trefzer6. Magic Potion/Poison Potion: The Impact of Women’s Economic Empowerment versus Disempowerment for Development in a Globalized World - Rae Lesser Blumberg7. Land Use and the Great Acceleration in Human Activities: Political and Economic Dynamics - Thomas K. Rudel8. Age Structure and Development: Beyond Malthus - David L. Brown and Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue9. Development, Demographic Processes, and Public Health - Joshua Stroud, Philip Anglewicz, and Mark VanLandingham10. Education and Development - David B. BillsIII. DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS: SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL ACCOUNTS11. The Sociology of Subnational Development: Conceptual and Empirical Foundations - Linda Lobao 12. Sociological Perspectives on Uneven Development: The Making of Regions - Ann R. Tickamyer and Anouk Patel-Campillo13. Migration and Development: Virtuous and Vicious Cycles - Sara R. Curran14. Tertiary Education and Development: Strategies of Global South Countries to Meet Growing Tertiary Demand - Mary M. Kritz15. Migrant Networks, Immigrant and Ethnic Economies, and Destination Development - Kim Korinek and Peter LoebachIV. BUILDING STATES AND FAILING STATES: DEVELOPMENT TRIUMPHS AND DISASTERS16. The State and Development - Samuel Cohn17. Women, Democracy, and the State - Kathleen M. Fallon and Jocelyn Viterna18. War and Development: Questions, Answers, and Prospects for the Twenty-first Century - Gregory Hooks19. Neoliberalism, the Origins of the Global Crisis, and the Future of States - Richard Lachmann20. Crisis and the Rise of China - Ho-fung Hung21. Conflict and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Zoe Marriage22. Social Movements and Economic Development - Paul AlmeidaV. GLOBAL COMPLEXITIES AND LOCAL CONTEXTS: NEW PARADIGMS FOR EXPLAINING DEVELOPMENT23. Globalization and Development - Nina Bandelj and Elizabeth Sowers24. Transitions to Capitalisms: Past and Present - Rebecca Jean Emigh25. Quantitative Growth and Economic Development through History - Rosemary L. Hopcroft26. The Great Divergence: Why Did Industrial Capitalism Emerge in Europe, Not China? - Dingxin Zhao27. Global Commodity Chains and Development - Jennifer Bair and Matthew Mahutga 

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